From Bangkok to Barcelona On Foot

A 3.5-year foot journey woven with kindness, connection, and belonging.

Tales of strength, resilience, and teamwork that made a walk across two continents possible.

The documentary is currently available for screening at companies, schools, nonprofits, and community organizations in conjunction with an in-personal or virtual speaking engagement. Individual on-demand access will be available soon.

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Jenn and Lluís lived their dream and walked two continents –about 16,000 kilometers – in 3.5 years. The Bangkok Barcelona On Foot documentary shows the kindness they found along the way.

Produced by Quim Badenes (

Featured at 8 international film festivals

Run time: 27 minutes

On-demand access coming soon!

Let us inspire you and your team!

Jenn and Lluís are available in-person and virtual speaking engagements, with or without the documentary.

  • Teamwork

  • Kindness in unexpected ways and unexpected places

  • Endurance, perseverance, and resilience

  • Wanderlust and checking off your bucket list

  • Sacrifices to achieve a big goal

  • Stretching beyond your comfort zone

  • Taking measured risks and creating space for serendipity

  • Diving into the unknown 

  • Overcoming obstacles

  • Being open to life’s invitations

  • Cultural observations and the influence they have in our lives

  • Traveling on a budget

  • Traveling as a couple

  • Living in the moment

  • Moving through life with courage and confidence 

  • Creating a path forward in unchartered territories

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We liked very much both the documentary viewing and the time you spent answering the attendees' questions about your adventures, experiences and sensations. Òmnium Alt Penedès thanks you for your interest and collaboration in doing this activity at our headquarters. We hope your documentary wins many prizes and finds a big audience in our country, Catalonia, and around the world.

Toni Vidal, President of Òmnium Alt Penedès / Òmnium Cultural

The two hours flew by, and if it hadn't been for the fact that it was dinner time and people had commitments, we would have surely extended the conversation in a relaxed way. The attendees left with a good feeling and happy to have been able to attend. Hearing about your experience first-hand, is a privilege and, based on the audience's curiosity, the event was a great success. Many congratulations for everything: the trip, the documentary and sharing it with everyone who wants to [learn about it].

Ester from Ateneu Mogenc

Other Ways We Share Our Story

Tales of strength, resilience, endurance, and teamwork that made this once-in-a-lifetime experience possible

Our Blog

Relive our adventure and see how we’re still sharing our story.

Media Coverage

Check out our media coverage, mostly from Barcelona-based media, written in Catalan.

Radio Series – 28 Episodes

Recurring series on "Els Viatgers de la Gran Anaconda," a long-running cultural program hosted by Toni Arbonès.

Press Interviews

Watch one of our interviews on a popular Catalan morning TV show, Els Matins. 18 minutes, in Catalan.


Jenn's is out June 25, 2024!

The In Between: Journeying From Fear to Courage with lessons learned from the walk

Other People's Blogs

Our story appeared in Planet Edit by Lauren Pears, in English

Life After the Walk

2024 marks the fifth anniversary of finishing our walk. Celebrate with us!

Featured in 2 Books

Els Viatgers de la Gran Anaconda: 17 Entrevistes Més by Toni Arbonès (in Catalan)

El Libro de Los Grandes Viajes by Itziar Marcotegui and Pablo Strubell (in Spanish)

Our Blog

Relive our adventure and see how we’re still sharing our story.

Media Coverage

Check out our media coverage, mostly from Barcelona-based media (Stories in Catalan).

Some of the places where we talked about the walk...

Presented at various events and conferences for a variety of organizations, companies, nonprofits, libraries, schools, private gatherings, and team-building activities

The Italians have a saying, “Piano, piano, si va lontano,” which means “Slowly, slowly, you go far.”

Our 16,000-kilometer Bangkok Barcelona On Foot walk taught us that and so much more.

Read my latest book, The In Between, which includes stories and lessons learned from our walk.

Author ✦ Mentor ✦ Editor ✦ Speaker ✦ Walker

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