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Here’s a little bit about me...

The short version is that I like to write and create, and I like to help other people write and create.

The slightly longer version goes…

I draw on nearly 30 years of award-winning journalism, writing, and editing experience to help aspiring authors through the story-creation process. I mentor memoir and nonfiction writers, and mostly work with midlife women and crones ready to heal their hurt and free their voice through storytelling.

My latest book: The In Between

My first solo book, The In Between: Journeying From Fear to Courage, will be published in June 2024, by Red Thread Publishing.

My hope is to start a conversation about how we face fear, welcome in and work with a range of emotions in between the fear impulses and our brave responses, and then walk out into the world with something that looks like courage. Many of the examples in the book are based on experiences I felt and learned during my Bangkok Barcelona On Foot walk.

Fierce Awakenings

In 2023, I guided a group of 11 women (and myself) through a nine-month writing and editing cycle; our collaborative book, Fierce Awakenings: Calling in Courage and Confidence to Walk Life’s Spiral Path, was published by Red Thread Publishing in 2023 and earned Amazon bestseller kudos in several categories.

Travel Writing

Several of my personal and travel essays, which have earned accolades and best-writing recognition, have been published in Chicken Soup for the Soul, Travelers’ Tales, and Townsend 11 anthologies.

Mindful Writing Mentoring

I use mindfulness meditation and intuitive movement to help aspiring authors drop out of their heads and write from their heart-centered wisdom. I show them how to lower the volume of their racing thoughts and connect to their body’s natural creative rhythms. I use these practices in my 1:1 mentoring program and creativity-sparking workshops, via my business, Always On My Way.

The 16,000-kilometer walk

My 3.5-year, 16,000-kilometer walk across two continents, from Bangkok to Barcelona, with my life partner, Lluís, is one of my most significant achievements. Our walk documentary was featured at eight international film festivals, has been presented at various organizations, and will soon be available for on-demand viewing.

I was born in New Jersey, lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for many years, and have called the Barcelona region home since 2006.

When I’m not writing or mentoring, you’ll find me walking in the vineyards or hugging trees in beautiful corners of the world.

Learn more about me and the work that lights me up: alwaysonmyway.com

Find out more about my workshops and upcoming events: linktr.ee/jennbaljko

Contact me at [email protected].

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