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Frequently Asked Questions

What topics do you speak on?

⟡ Teamwork and creative problem-solving

⟡ Kindness in unexpected ways and unexpected places

⟡ Endurance, perseverance, and resilience

⟡ Wanderlust and checking off your bucket list

⟡ Sacrifices to achieve a big goal

⟡ Stretching beyond your comfort zone

⟡ Taking measured risks and creating space for serendipity

⟡ Diving into the unknown and making life Joy Journey

⟡ Being open to life’s invitations and knowing when to dare yourself to say YES!

⟡ Creating a path forward through unchartered territories with care, courage, and confidence

Where can I learn more about your mentoring process?

I generally run 1:1 mentoring programs 8 or 9 months a year from September/October to May/June. You can read more about how work with aspiring authors here at

Author ✦ Mentor ✦ Editor ✦ Speaker ✦ Walker

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