Fierce Awakenings 

Calling in Courage and Confidence to Walk Life’s Spiral Path

True Stories from 12 Way-Making Women Who Know About Courage and Confidence

We all walk life’s spiral path.

It is a journey pulling us inwards, upwards, and onwards, each time around to another expression of our highest potential.

Fierce Awakenings give us the courage and confidence to be voluntarily vulnerable, bravely bold, and undeniably unique.

Twelve way-making women show us how they reclaimed their inner truth and stepped towards authenticity, belonging, and freedom.

The creation of this book holds a special place in my heart. As the lead author and developmental editor, I united, inspired, and guided my co-authors through the drafting, writing, and editing process. Watching these women shine is one of my greatest joys.

Fierce Awakenings is a journey that reaches into the heart of every woman, wherever she is on her spiral path. Through the telling of individual stories, this book lifts the vibration of all women moving through heartbreak, loss, grief, self-doubt, personal pivots, and professional reinvention. It energizes and empowers us to discover more of who we are, and invites us to embrace, embody, and raise the frequency of our consciousness, awareness, and present-moment experience.

Jeralyn Glass, Sound Healing Pioneer, Author and Creator of Crystal Cadence

Fierce Awakenings is a magnificent convergence of divine feminine energy that lovingly guides us to boldly step into our power & own our impact.

The stories are profound – the lessons are priceless.

Davidji, Author of Sacred Powers

The Fierce Awakenings anthology is a symphony of women's voices, with each narrative echoing deeply with authenticity and raw emotion. These stories spiral—meandering into the depths of the self as they simultaneously spiral outward, capturing the intricate dance between internal exploration and the external world. The women you encounter within this book’s pages are living, breathing testimonies of resilience.

Katie Curtin, Creative Life and Book Coach, Founder of the online Creativity Cafe

Author ✦ Mentor ✦ Editor ✦ Speaker ✦ Walker

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