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I draw on nearly 30 years of award-winning journalism, writing, and editing experience to help aspiring authors through the story-creation process. I mentor memoir and nonfiction writers, and mostly work with midlife women and crones ready to heal their hurt and free their voice through storytelling.

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My latest book: The In Between

My first solo book, The In Between: Journeying From Fear to Courage, will be published in June 2024, by Red Thread Publishing.

My hope is to start a conversation about how we face fear, welcome in and work with a range of emotions in between the fear impulses and our brave responses, and then walk out into the world with something that looks like courage. Many of the examples in the book are based on experiences I felt and learned during my Bangkok Barcelona On Foot walk.

Fierce Awakenings

In 2023, I guided a group of 11 women (and myself) through a nine-month writing and editing cycle; our collaborative book, Fierce Awakenings: Calling in Courage and Confidence to Walk Life’s Spiral Path, was published by Red Thread Publishing in 2023 and earned Amazon bestseller kudos in several categories.

Book Your Way to Affiliate Marketing Success

Our affiliate courses are designed by experts who have years of experience and proven results in the affiliate marketing industry.

Townsend 11 Series

The Wanderlust Series

A collective of eleven Northern California writers (including one who’s been living in Barcelona for several years…me, 😉). We used to meet in a converted brick warehouse on Townsend Street in San Francisco (hence the name) and share stories from faraway lands.

Other Essays

I love sharing slivers of life through personal essays and travel stories. Several of them have been published in anthologies, including:

My Clients' Books

I mentor aspiring authors who are ready to write their memoirs and nonfiction books.

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